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Success! Kind Of...

Ugh, my day job makes me want to finish this game as soon as possible so I can, maybe, make a living off of game development. I think to myself that maybe I won't enjoy it (you know, seeing how the sausage is made) but I know working for myself is a hell of a lot better than putting up with a gig I do not enjoy.

"Hello World!"
Today I had hoped to be further along on my game than I got. I have a feeling I might be typing that a lot as I progress along this path.

The main problem was that, for whatever reason, my Linux workstation would lock up when ever I tried to do some updates. This happened four or five times and I'm not sure what was going on.

Of course I was able to update my graphic driver to the newest version and that didn't mess me up. I had a huge problem with that on an Ubuntu/Unity install I was trying to do. Graphics driver would make the desktop fail to a terminal.

However, all was not lost. I was able to get my updates done and a little work done on my game. Well, mostly a "Hello World" program done using SDL2 and Code::Blocks.

Tomorrow I need to buckle down and get more done.

The native resolution for the game will be 1280x720. I think it's pretty safe to aim for a HD resolution in this day and age. I believe most Linux gamers have wide screen monitors now. If not I'll have to find a more elegant solution.

Some might balk at a 1280x720 resolution as being "low resolution" but I think it will be okay. The idea is to gracefully scale to a higher resolution with out physically changing the users display resolution. I know this is doable in SDL2 as I've done it before. I think scaling up will work with the somewhat retro feel the game will have.

Finally, I was thinking of doing a video of my progress once a week or so. But, I really don't want to start that until I have something to show. We'll see.


  1. Getting set up and started is half the battle. Good luck my friend Im looking forward to seeing the completed product.


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