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Disney Confirms "Other" Star Wars Films!

Star Wars Yoda Movie
A movie I may have.
Okay, if you are a fan of Star Wars (like I am) then you will be interested to know that Disney and Lucasfilms has officially confirmed that there will be stand alone films that are not part of the new Trilogy coming soon.  What does this mean?

Okay, we all know that Episode VII is coming in 2015 with Episodes VIII and IX coming shortly after that. This will, most likely, follow the family Skywalker the same as Episodes I through VI. That much has been (pretty much) established though no real plot details of the new trilogy have been revealed..

Now what Disney has confirmed is that there will be more movies coming out at the same time. These movies will be single movies that take place in the Star Wars Universe but will follow a single character from the Star Wars lore. Talks of movies centering around Yoda, Han Solo, Boba Fett and even Jabba the Hutt have began surfacing.

The cynical person will complain about too much Star Wars or how this has ruined their childhood. These people should be ignored since top film makers in the industry are being tapped to revive Star Wars and these people have no way of telling how the new movies will be anymore than they will be able to predict the weather in 2015 from 2013.

For this Star Wars fan this is exciting news and I am pretty darn excited that it is happening. The fact that Disney is spending the money to bring good film makers into the fold is even more exciting.


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