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Fighting The Good Fight!

Looked up "silly" on the Internet. Was not disappointed.
The struggle is real my friend! Okay, just kidding.

That aside I got a bit of work done on the game today. Unfortunately it's a bit of underlying stuff so their is really nothing to show. It looks exactly like the image I uploaded yesterday when run so have a look at that if you want to see what it looks like today. Instead I'll find something silly to upload.

Today's work was making a texture class to wrap images I load up into it. The class handles rendering and will return the width and the height of a loaded image.

I also made a virtual base class for the upcoming game states. There are virtual logic, input and render methods that will need to be filled out with each game state class I make.

And, of course, I made my first game state which is the "title" game state. I moved the loading and rendering of the title image from main() into that class. Now the class handles loading, rendering and cleaning up the image when done instead of having it plopped into the middle of main().

This weekend.

In order to avoid burning myself out completely on writing this game I'm going to work on another (non-programming) project I've been hankering to do. Since I was but a young lad I've had too main goals and a lot of smaller goals that I've wanted to accomplish in life.

The first, of course, is to write video games. I'm doing that now. I'm not done but I'm doing it. The second is to be a filmmaker. And by filmmaker I mean a writer/director. I love cheesy low budget movies that show heart and soul. Even if they are "bad".

I intend, while it's still summer and the weather is nice, to make a cheap, low budget flick and sell it on Amazon or whatever. At this point I have no dreams of the Hollywood system. Just to tell silly stories via a movie.

I'm doing this to pursue that dream and to keep myself from burning out on the game completely. Trust me, it's better this way. When I burn out on something I don't feel like doing jack shit for, sometimes, a long time. Kind of like getting in a funk I think.

Don't worry though. I'll work on the game a little bit this weekend. Maybe put in a couple hours each day on Saturday and Sunday.

Next weekend.

Also, schedule wise, (not sure how many people actually follow this blog so I'm putting this out there.) I'll be out of town next Friday (the 12th). I promised a friend I'd go to an all day concert thing. So that Friday morning we are driving out there and that night we are driving back. It promises to be a long day and I'll be "uber" tired. I'll try and post something for that day though.


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