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Updated "retro style" graphics but not final at all.
Today it didn't seem like I got much done today but I actually got more than I thought I would.

Aside from the new graphic I made for the temporary title screen, I created a timer class so I could control the frame rate of the game. The game now runs as fast as it can but updates the screen ~60 times a second. I'm not sure if I will keep this as some people have displays that refresh at higher frequencies than 60 hertz. Some people are up in the 120 range and beyond.

Another thing I did was to make it to where the aspect ratio for the game will stay the same no matter what aspect ratio or resolution anybody has for their monitor. The game will run fine on a square 4x3 aspect ratio monitor as well as some of the crazy wide screen ones. The game will simply letterbox or add black spaces to keep the aspect ratio.

This may not be optimal for everybody and if I were making a 3D game I'd not do that but since I'm working with 2D graphics it's a little more difficult to deal with. I suppose I could just use OpenGL and use a quad as the frame so it would scale automagically but that's a bit beyond what I'm doing now.

Maybe next game.

Of course I made the new graphic (see above) for the screen so I could look at something a little more game like. I will make sure whatever Title I use is clear as I will render it with SDL instead of putting it on in Gimp or Photoshop.

Tomorrow's goal? Start working on game state. That means a finite state machine and making a virtual base class for all the different game states there will be. I will go slow and add one at a time so I don't screw myself over with too many errors. The first state will be the Title Screen state. I will make it nice and animated so I can introduce a sprite class too.

After that?

Controller support I think. I have a Steam Controller and an XBox 360 controller. I want to make sure the game works great with both of those. Also I want to make sure people can play it via keyboard.

That's it for now though.


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