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To Vlog or Not to Vlog

So, I've been trying to decide if I should vlog or not. For those who are not in the know a vlog is simply a (V)ideo B(log) that's posted to a video ingester and then people can play it back and watch how your life is going. The thing is most people have fairly boring lives so talking about what you had for dinner or how you felt when you woke up would get old fast. My life is like that and a vlog would risk becoming redundant very quickly. So, if I did it I would need to do it as a way to get out of my own comfort zone and do strange new things every day. At least to have something to talk about.

I've been in that mood lately. The one where you look at your life and say, "wait a minute! I was going to do <insert bucket list items> before I died." Well, the simple fact for me is that I turned 48 on my birthday back in February and had the realization that the number of useful years I have left could be disappearing and quickly. So I really need to do somet…

Good Ol' Buck Rogers Who Was In The 25th Century

I own the box set to Buck Rogers and the 25th Century. I used to watch this show religiously as I did
with anything with the slightest hint of science fiction that came on television. Some shows were bad and my 11-12 year old mind new it at the time. Some shows were bad and it took the sobering effects of time to realize how bad they were. Buck Rogers was one of the latter.
One of the things I used to love about those shows and movies were the lasers and laser like effects. They were bright, vivid and cool in my mind and I used to devote a ton of time trying to figure out how they did them. That meant visiting the library many times over.

Et Tu Facebook...Apparently My Page Is For Those 21 And Older

So, I have a Facebook Page and I like to try and get people to like my page if not for the quirky and slightly strange sense of humor I have. The world needs more people like that. Of course that page supports a YouTube gaming channel that I seem to totally ignore even though I got partnered with Maker Studio. I think if I participated more that I'd probably make some descent money doing the YouTube thing.

Anyway, so I decide I'm going to promote my page by spending a few hard earned sheckles on some advertising. I go through the process of setting up some advertising. I've had other pages where I've used boosts and advertising to good success in driving traffic to my page. I thought I'd do it for this one too.


One of the cool things about my Amiga 1000 when I got it was that it included Amiga BASIC and a number of demo programs. When I first got the computer one of the first things I did was to fire up BASIC and watch the demos. I would eventually try my hand at programming after a bit. This was before I bought any games for the machine.

Getting used to Amiga BASIC took a bit of time as I was used to 8-bit Commodore BASIC and the reliance on line numbers. Also, I was a horrible spaghetti programmer and made judicious use of the GOTO command. It took a bit of time to grow out of that. The other thing I needed to get used to was the fact that there was a bunch more memory to do stuff in. Making big programs was, at least a bit, more feasible. I did take advantage of that.

First Encounter With The Rubik's Cube

One of the coolest things about the 80s is the pop culture that permeated everything. And one of the strongest pop culture icons of the 80s is the Rubik's Cube. Right now, as I type this, I'm looking at two Rubik's Cubes that I own. They are originals that were bought in the early 80s. Probably 1982 or 1983. When I hold them in my hand and really "feel" the weight and texture of them I can transport myself back to those days when I first held one in my hands and was fascinated by it.

Like any decade the 80s can be divided up into sections. There is the early section where a lot of what makes up the decade is defined by the decade before it. For example, in the 80s there are several songs that are considered 80s songs but were released in the late 70s. There is the middle section where the decade can stand on it's own as a decade. It is what it is. This is usually a very short time in the mid decade. One or two years at best. Then, there is the late section w…

My Own Battlestar Galactica Fan Series

People who know me may be surprised that I had once plotted out two seasons of a Battlestar Galactica series. I was recently going through a bunch of my old stuff and found several notebooks of notes and drawings that outlined the series and some rough treatments for several scripts.

The show was to be a continuation of the original 1978 series. I did this back around 1993. Right in the middle of what I consider to be a pinnacle decade for science fiction television programming. I was even trying to figure out how I would put such a thing together because the best that I had available to me was a super 8 mm film camera, access to MCAT, a public access channel, and a strong desire to save my shekels to buy a brand new AmigaVideo Toaster set up. Sure, I could have done it. It would have been a giant fan film.

6 Things Star Trek Should Do To Make Me Watch It Again

I've watched the new Star Trek trailer off and on over the last several months, well, at least since they released it, and I just saw it again. I can honestly admit to myself that I'm sad where Star Trek is going anymore.

Like many people I was genuinely excited when I heard about the so called reboot of the series. I was anxious to see Star Trek set back in the era of The Original Series (TOS). Of course the first movie came out and I enjoyed it on a superficial level but it was, for a lack of a better analogy, like eating too much candy. Sure, it's good and tasty but after a while your body wants something a bit healthier. And, in this case, healthy meant something more cerebral.

The Simpler Days of Star Wars

Long time ago in the late 70s after the Star Wars phenomenon had hit us I was able to get the following poster through a Burger Kings/Coca Cola promotion and I remember spending many hours just looking at it and taking in the details.

This was in the time between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back came out and there was not a lot of information on the Universe of Star Wars. This was a time when Darth Vader was a bad guy straight and simple who had killed Luke's dad. Darth Vader was simply his name and not a Title.
Those days were interesting and especially so for my 9 to 10 year old self.

I often think about and sometimes talk about paradigm shifts or Copernicus moments. When one day something is a certain way and has been for as long as people can remember and within a moment the world changes in a very real and perceptible way. Suddenly things are different. Sometimes they happen overnight but usually it’s within a year to a year and a half. In my lifetime I've gone thro…

Back in 1984...

With all the stuff going on over the new Ghostbusters reboot/remake I got to thinking back... In June of 1984 Ghostbusters was released upon the United States. I was 16 and had joined Police Explorers a bit after that as a result of a classmate who was also in Police Explorers and had asked me to join. Of course Ghostbusters was a hit and a phenomenon so, when October rolled around a local haunted house needed someone to direct traffic at their super popular (and Ghostbuster themed) haunted house. I didn't have a uniform yet so they gave me a pair of white gloves and I had to hangout with a uniformed Explorer. Our Explorer group did this to raise money for our organization. The haunted house played the Ghostbusters theme over and over. It was on non-stop repeat and, for a while, I grew to hate that song. It took a long while before I could listen to it again. As the night went on and the Ghostbuster's theme played for it's umpteenth time I'd gotten into the groove of d…

It's been awhile

Actually it's been a freaking long time!!!!

My last post was in February of 2013? Sheesh!

So, I've rediscovered the blog and I hope to contribute something useful to the blog-o-sphere.

I didn't finish the dungeon diver C64 game but I've played and uploaded a bunch of Minecraft. If you want to check that out then you are more than welcome to.

Anyway, I'm off to blow off the dust this place seems to accumulated. We'll see if I can do better this time.