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#coke is it! Always #cocacola. Part of my wardrobe in the #80s.

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Baby don't treat me bad! #firehouse #rockintherivers

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New Amiga Game

I didn't get much done program wise and worked a bit on my movie I don't have much to show.


There is a new Amiga game that has just come out and it's free to download. Dan Wood over at gives a bit of a review.


Fighting The Good Fight!

The struggle is real my friend! Okay, just kidding.

That aside I got a bit of work done on the game today. Unfortunately it's a bit of underlying stuff so their is really nothing to show. It looks exactly like the image I uploaded yesterday when run so have a look at that if you want to see what it looks like today. Instead I'll find something silly to upload.

Today's work was making a texture class to wrap images I load up into it. The class handles rendering and will return the width and the height of a loaded image.

Step By Step

Today it didn't seem like I got much done today but I actually got more than I thought I would.

Aside from the new graphic I made for the temporary title screen, I created a timer class so I could control the frame rate of the game. The game now runs as fast as it can but updates the screen ~60 times a second. I'm not sure if I will keep this as some people have displays that refresh at higher frequencies than 60 hertz. Some people are up in the 120 range and beyond.


I'm not going to lie. I had a hard time getting into the project today as the thought of going over and rewriting stuff I'd done before did not appeal to me. I wasted a bunch of time doing "other stuff" until I forced myself to sit down and actually work on it. I was happy I did. Unfortunately I didn't get as far as I wanted too.

Live and learn, eh?

It's Late. So Late

So, once again I didn't get as far as I wanted to. The plan was to pull the Windows source code from BitBucket and get that working on Linux.

Well, pulling the code was the easier part. Getting it working under Linux was a lot harder. I spent more time than I should have mucking about with that. Eventually you have to decide if it's better to spend the time trying to get what you've working under the new OS or starting over from scratch.

Success! Kind Of...

Ugh, my day job makes me want to finish this game as soon as possible so I can, maybe, make a living off of game development. I think to myself that maybe I won't enjoy it (you know, seeing how the sausage is made) but I know working for myself is a hell of a lot better than putting up with a gig I do not enjoy.

Today I had hoped to be further along on my game than I got. I have a feeling I might be typing that a lot as I progress along this path.

The main problem was that, for whatever reason, my Linux workstation would lock up when ever I tried to do some updates. This happened four or five times and I'm not sure what was going on.

Three of my favorite movies. #spaghettiwesterns #clinteastwood

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