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It's Late. So Late

Not quite state of the art graphics...yet.
So, once again I didn't get as far as I wanted to. The plan was to pull the Windows source code from BitBucket and get that working on Linux.

Well, pulling the code was the easier part. Getting it working under Linux was a lot harder. I spent more time than I should have mucking about with that. Eventually you have to decide if it's better to spend the time trying to get what you've working under the new OS or starting over from scratch.

Of course I chose the latter. I figure it'll probably take close to the same amount of time and by starting over I can fix some annoying things I did before.

My orginal goal was to have an image loaded, the event loop done and some other stuff I had in mind. I got an image loaded but no event loop though. Dang, right? All that it does right now is display an image for a few second then gracefully bails out of main.

I did manage to create an App class and wrap up all the stuff you cram in main().I feel good doing that as I didn't do it in my original windows version. It would have been a lot of work.

Earlier today during the day job I actually started writing down a bunch of game mechanics I wanted to use as well as spells and inventory that I was considering using. I also fleshed out (a bit) some locations.

This is a big deal because I usually just keep that stuff in my head and I derail myself when I'm trying to figure out what I want to work on next. Plus, who knows how much stuff that I forgot that would actually be a cool thing to have.

That's not saying it's a true design document. It's not. A one person project doesn't really need a fleshed out design document. I just need a simple road map.

Goals for tomorrow: Event loop, functionality to go from windowed to full screen.


  1. I could have taken bets you would start from scratch, we both have trouble writing software in a less than best practice way. But at least your coding, I've been organizing my new office for the last 2 weeks ( and got sucked into Witcher III bad ).

    1. You know me too well. haha

      Yeah, I was taking stupid shortcuts that I figured I would fix later but it became a big mess.

      Anyway, once you get your office in shape you should have some time to start writing code once again.


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