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Home Sweet Home

[Billings, MT] Today was a long day and a tiring day but all in all a pleasant day. I got to see some family I hadn't seen in a long time. Unfortunately it threw off my driving schedule. I don't mind because I wasn't under a huge time constraint. I simply didn't want to be driving into Billings in the dark.

Unfortunately this means I'm home, gotten some food, gotten a shower and am almost ready for bed. It's pushing 10 pm right now and I am tired.

I was hoping to get a SDL project up on my Linux box and a "hello world" program going. Doesn't look like it's going to happen right now.

The Longest Day

[7:30 am] Have you ever had an epiphany? A plan or goal so clear that you knew what you needed to move heaven and earth just to achieve it? Have you ever had this happen and then a day or so later, or even a few hours later, you come off your “high” and feel like giving up because you aren’t feeling as motivated as you were?
This hasn’t happened to me. I’m sure it will though.

I Believe Tim Sweeney Is Right

[Williston, ND] Linux has been on my mind a lot lately. Even more since I read several articles about Tim Sweeney and his dislike for Windows 10 and what, potentially, Microsoft could do to turn Windows into a walled garden and kill off services like Steam.
Of course Sweeney is right. Even though it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t. I do remember the Microsoft of the 90s and what they attempted to do to squash competition. I don’t trust them. But then I do the stupid things and start reading the comments on these stories. People are either totally trusting in Microsoft or they don’t care. Or, maybe, they just trolling.

#roadtrip listening. Good stuff! #montypython

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