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Home Sweet Home

[Billings, MT] Today was a long day and a tiring day but all in all a pleasant day. I got to see some family I hadn't seen in a long time. Unfortunately it threw off my driving schedule. I don't mind because I wasn't under a huge time constraint. I simply didn't want to be driving into Billings in the dark.

Unfortunately this means I'm home, gotten some food, gotten a shower and am almost ready for bed. It's pushing 10 pm right now and I am tired.

I was hoping to get a SDL project up on my Linux box and a "hello world" program going. Doesn't look like it's going to happen right now.

But, I'm not too worried because...

...confession time. I'd been working on the Zelda like game for Windows before I decided to abandon Windows entirely. I use Bitbucket as a private repository which works fine for me. I'll simply have to pull the project for Linux.

Does that mean there will be the Zelda like game for Windows?

No. Aside from the games I own on Steam I'm pretty much done with Windows. After all, it is my goal to progress Linux towards the gaming rig of the future. I know a lot of folks complain that Linux isn't read for gaming and that it's buggy and unfriendly for PC gamers. Whenever I hear this I laugh. The stuff we put up in the 90s for Windows gaming was far worse than where Linux gaming is now. Right now it just needs some people to push some games towards Linux. Good and big games. There have been some already but we need more. Honestly, Linux needs some good exclusives.

I aim to fill that niche. I hope as I get better my games will get better and people will enjoy playing them.

So, the goal tomorrow. Get my Windows Zelda Like running on Linux.

Easy enough. Hah!


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