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Making A Text Dungeon Crawler On the Commodore 64: Part 2 We Have A Title Screen

Welcome back, this is the second in a series of videos where I program the commodore 64.  I am currently programming a game.  The game is a text based dungeon diving adventure game.

In this video I went ahead and implemented my rudimentary state machine for the game.  The first state is the title screen.  So I've gone ahead and implemented the title screen.  The game is working pretty well right now.

The next video I will begin to implement the character generation screen.  This will be the second state in the state machine for this game.  In that video I will implement a random number generator so I can give each statistic a random value on the characters play sheet.

Just for some future reference I will be recreating this program in a number of different programming languages when I'm done at this video series.  The languages I'm thinking of include python, java, Pascal, C++ and, maybe, commodore 64 assembly language if I can get my head around it.  For anybody who's reading I would enjoy hearing what languages you'd be interested in seeing this game be produced in.

Thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video.


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