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Making A Text Dungeon Crawler On the Commodore 64: Part 1 Initialize the Game

OK so I decided to start programming a Commodore 64 video game. In my last programming video I'd made a Christmas candle it was written in Commodore 64 BASIC.  I enjoyed this process very much and the urge to do another project has started to tempt me.  I had been watching various you two videos of other people's programming projects and several of them had done a simple dungeon crawl.  So I figured that should be my next project.

This first video is the start of this new project and it is pretty simple in that I lay out the project and begin to initialize the variables and subroutines.  The game will simply be it text dungeon crawler.  There will be several enemies including an undefeatable enemy that simply needs to be avoided.  There will also be many traps including the lava trap that will kill you right away, the poison trapped that will take it points away from you slowly, the spiked wrapped that will suddenly take away hit points and various other traps.  The goal of this game will be to find the exit and leave.

I am not sure how long this video series will run.  I have not pre-planned this game out so there will probably be many mistakes.  It is these two reasons why the videos may go on for quite awhile.  I will do my best to not make them boring and make them somewhat entertaining.  Be aware that I will not edit out any mistakes I make so you will see me warts and all.  I do hope you enjoy these videos because I really do enjoy making them.

Goodbye and thanks for watching and reading.


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