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To Vlog or Not to Vlog

Producing a video blog every day? Yeah, right.
So, I've been trying to decide if I should vlog or not. For those who are not in the know a vlog is simply a (V)ideo B(log) that's posted to a video ingester and then people can play it back and watch how your life is going. The thing is most people have fairly boring lives so talking about what you had for dinner or how you felt when you woke up would get old fast. My life is like that and a vlog would risk becoming redundant very quickly. So, if I did it I would need to do it as a way to get out of my own comfort zone and do strange new things every day. At least to have something to talk about.

I've been in that mood lately. The one where you look at your life and say, "wait a minute! I was going to do <insert bucket list items> before I died." Well, the simple fact for me is that I turned 48 on my birthday back in February and had the realization that the number of useful years I have left could be disappearing and quickly. So I really need to do something with my life. It might give younger people some comfort knowing that not all of us older folks know what we want from life. And, the fact is that most simply settle for their lot in life. To me that's sad.

Anyway, if I do decide to vlog, and I am leaning towards doing it, I will have to use that to replace the daily posts I've been trying to do on my blog. I will still post on my blog but they will be more well thought out ones and not the streams of babble that issues forth from my fingers.

That's enough of my mid-life crises. At least I didn't buy a Corvette. Mmmm, Corvette.


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