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Et Tu Facebook...Apparently My Page Is For Those 21 And Older

Yeah, so I should have used a white font with a black stroke.
So, I have a Facebook Page and I like to try and get people to like my page if not for the quirky and slightly strange sense of humor I have. The world needs more people like that. Of course that page supports a YouTube gaming channel that I seem to totally ignore even though I got partnered with Maker Studio. I think if I participated more that I'd probably make some descent money doing the YouTube thing.

Anyway, so I decide I'm going to promote my page by spending a few hard earned sheckles on some advertising. I go through the process of setting up some advertising. I've had other pages where I've used boosts and advertising to good success in driving traffic to my page. I thought I'd do it for this one too.

So, I set stuff up and enter my credit card info to pay for the campaign and hit enter and wait. Facebook has to okay the ads before it'll serve them which is cool in my book. So I start waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Usually it might take a half hour or so for the ad to be okayed but not this time. After the half hour passes an hour passes. Then it's two hours. Then four hours. And then more. I kind of forget about it until I'm ready to turn in for the night. It's about 11pm at the time and I'm about to power down my computer when I get a message from Facebook. My ad has been declined. I'm like, "what?!?!?!?!"

I have a fairly benign page. Nothing really controversial other than the fact that I do follow both Star Trek and Star Wars pages. Controversially that is like mixing oil and water but I'm a fellow who likes to live on the edge. Screw the man! So, I check out the reason why my ad has been turned down.

The reason?

Apparently my page directs the consumption of alcohol to minors. Of course I'm floored by this. I'm not promoting alcohol to minors. I'm sad and depressed. I've been accuses of something that I'm not doing. I don't even want to advertise with Facebook anymore. I don't even know where they are getting their info from until I look at my page again. In the "About" section I wrote the following:

Playing games, making videos, writing code, making films and 80s pop culture...oh yeah, and beer.
That's it? they declined my post because I said "...oh yeah, and beer"? So, obviously that is promoting the consumption of alcohol to minors. The fact that Facebook thinks it's your parent if you are under the age of 21 bothers me. I think it should really bother those under 21 and I hope it would. But, I got to thinking. I've seen those under 21 party before. At least in America it seems like if your under 21 and you party you are going to power-party. Hmmm, a new phrase? So, maybe I don't want those younger than 21 hanging around my page.

Hah, I jest. My honest opinion is that if you are old enough to go to war at 18 then you are old enough to drink alcohol. I've been around Europeans who've been around alcohol all their lives and were very responsible with it. I think that could work here too. But hey, that's my Libertarian sensibilities speaking.

So, in order to get those ads on Facebook I have to raise the minimum age I can show them to 21. Sigh. I guess, if I want to get the traffic, I'll have to do it.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some music...especially if you are under 21. AC/DC's have a drink on me. Irresponsible of me


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