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Game Update 1: The Blue Screen Of Life!

Allegro Game Programming
It's not much but it's a start!

I figure that since I made a huge proclamation of making my own CRPG I should start updating on how it's going.  I mean really, come on, right?

So. Since I made my epic blog post I've worked on the game for a couple days now. Some of that time has been story related stuff and some of that time was getting Code::Blocks, Allegro 5 and Windows all to play nice. I finally got Code::Blocks, Allegro 5 and Windows all to play nice. Wasn't that hard. This is a good thing since when I start making the Linux version I'll most likely use Code::Blocks to develop the game.

Of course, the reward for my hard work is a window filled with blue.  That's okay though because it shows me that everything is working well together.

Now where to go?
My next step is going to be getting a map up and running. Since this is going to be a 2D game then a 2D map is a must. I'm going to use Mappy for all my mapping needs. No need to reinvent the wheel. Then I'm going to try and build some framework on top of it for NPCs, Towns, Dungeon Entrances, Enemies and the like.

After the map I'm going to work on figuring out how to implement LUA. I want to use LUA to control NPCs, Quests,enemies, story stuff and other game logic. I guess it's good to have a goal of what you are trying to accomplish so you have a road map of where you are going.

I've been working on story related stuff too. Actually this stuff isn't too hard as the story stuff are things I've been working on since High School. Well, at least most of it.

I've tried several times to implement this into a game (as well as a few stories for publication) without much success. Part of it is hitting technological roadblocks as I try to program the game.

The world for my story is based on an idea that I got after playing a Mines of Moria module for Middle Earth Role Playing RPG system based on the Iron Crown's RPG system. Over the years it's been expanded upon and refined to the point where I have a pretty cool world complete with mythology where I could have many, many adventures.  The trick is to implement the first one.

Video Production
In my last post I mentioned time lapse recording the screen and making commentated videos to upload on YouTube. I don't know how many of those I'm going to make as I find that the whole process takes me out of the "zone". So, I'll try and make progress videos once a week and stick to that and do more frequent updates here on the blog.

So, that's all there is to report. Off to implement maps.


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