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New Dark Star Wars Game...Wow, this Might be...Interesting!

"Who ate beans?"
So I saw on Gamasutra that LucasArts is looking to release a dark game in the Star Wars.  This looks interesting and I hope they are able to pull this off.  From the article:
Players will take control of a bounty hunter exploring the Coruscant underworld, as he attempts to uncover a criminal conspiracy. The game promises third-person gritty combat, as opposed to supernatural Force powers. [via Gamasutra]
 This bodes good things to me as I am getting sick of robed Jedies or Sith wandering around with their laser swords deflecting blaster bolts and levitating stuff.  What is also nice is the fact that the game is going to take place on Coruscant which is one of three favorite locations of mine in the Star Wars universe.  The other two being Tatoonie and Naboo.

So, to make this game rock for me it needs to have three things. The first two are covered in the quote above and that is that it's third person and that there doesn't look to be a lot of force users (if any) in the game. The third would be a huge, explorable world. If they have hidden nooks and crannies I'll be so happy and would seriously consider buying this game.

Now, if LucasArts can rediscover it's former glory of the late 80s and early 90s I'll be happy. I'd love to see original stuff come out of LucasArts again.


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